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What Major Problem Have You Encountered in Your Wardrobe?

Nothing to wear
The wardrobe is full of clothes, but you don’t like it, do not fit together and you can’t imagine where you should wear it? Is your budget exhausted, your mood at zero, does the reflection in the mirror make you sad? Or, on the contrary, there is nothing to wear precisely because it is not clear what to buy and how to combine and two gray sweaters in three rows hang in the wardrobe?

Don’t like anything
Wander around in bewilderment and think: “For whom did they sew it all ?!” This is a sure sign that you are all right! You just need to learn how to find the right clothes among all this disgrace :-))), lay your shopping routes and create the concept of your wardrobe! You won’t even have time to blink, as in the shops you will see clothes and shoes of your dreams!

Nothing fits
Listened to the advice of sellers and girlfriends? Tried to repeat the wardrobe of your favorite fashion blogger? Read all the glossy magazines and fashion blogs and buy, all that they recommend? But in the end they bought clothes and shoes that do not suit you? It happens! The main thing is to stop in time and get to know yourself! And learn how to choose and combine clothes that suit you personally!

Clothing makes older
Suddenly an aunt about 15 years old registered in your mirror than is listed in the ID? Coevals manage to look better and tastier over the years, but you do not succeed? You do not have time to track fashion trends and in your wardrobe there are a lot of outdated clothes and shoes. You notice that you look older in some clothes than you would like, but you don’t understand by what principle these things work and what you need to buy instead of them? It’s time to re-style and wardrobe!

Do not spare time and money for shopping, but there is no result? There are a lot of unusual clothes and shoes in your wardrobe that do not fit together, you regularly doubt your purchases, and the clothes often remain undressed and hang in the closet idle, you use no more than 10-20% of the clothes in your wardrobe, the rest only takes up space in wardrobe? Sometimes, looking at your wardrobe, you just want to take everything and throw it away? And run to the store again?

Hate shopping, malls, sellers tips? Lost in stores and do not know what to buy? Doubt your choice and regularly return your purchases to the store? Spare time for shopping, but understand that a presentable appearance plays a big role in personal and professional life? Do not know what clothes to wear for work, in a restaurant, on the playground, on a date, what to put in a vacation suitcase? Want changes, but don’t understand where to start and are afraid of unsuccessful experiments?

We will be happy to help you turn your wardrobe into the perfect one, the one in which every thing serves you faithfully, decorates and pleases you, inspiring you with incredible confidence and rewarding you with endless attractiveness in any circumstances!

Our Fashion Experts

Jane Davila

“Jeans, like plastic surgery, can either fantastically improve a figure or completely ruin it.”
“Happy women don’t carry big bags.”
“God gave us a taste so we can save.”
“A woman can be any, the main thing is to remember that she is not fat, but appetizing, not long, but stately, not skinny, and slim, not short, but a miniature. You need to appreciate what God has given you!”
“Present casual wear as if it were an evening outfit. And wear an evening gown as casual as casual wear.”
“Sometimes a woman lacks a skirt to get married.”

John Hightower

“Fashion is not needed to pretend to be someone else. If you make friends with her, she will help you become a better version of yourself. ”
“The devil is in the details, so pay attention to accessories.
“Want to stay young in your soul? Follow the fashion! Fashion is not only entertainment, but also the ability to keep abreast and feel what is happening in the world. This is a way not to lose touch with reality.”

“If a man is dissatisfied with your appearance, change the wardrobe, but maybe after that you will have to change the man.”

Josefina Lamontagne

“Even Yves Saint Laurent noticed that a turtleneck is a wonderful way out of any position. It fits tightly and emphasizes the chest, while hiding details from outsiders.”
“A woman is born in order to be beautiful. It is our responsibility. The baby girl, as soon as you pick her up, does everything to please you. With all her little body, she feels as if receiving information from space that she should like . Then all this somewhere under the influence of circumstances disappears. But there are times when unity with the source of information occurs again. Do not lose it. You see, we must be beautiful.”

Matthew Boner

“Serious fashion is done by people with a good sense of humor.”
“Fashion and relaxation are two mutually exclusive things. Fashion does not end with a thin woman. Fashion is for everyone. ”

“Do not be shy about your body shapes. Everything that God has given you is beautiful. And if it is beautiful, you need to emphasize your forms. The main thing is to do it competently and with taste.”
“In any woman’s wardrobe, clothes are divided into three types – for themselves, for friends and for men. Do not confuse these outfits.”